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6 Simple Tricks to make your Workspace more fun

By Tim Fuell - August 15, 2013

Even we will admit, working can get to be a bind sometimes. However much you love your job, being stuck in the same old office, day-in, day-out takes it’s toll. Here’s 6 top tips on how to ensure where you work doesn’t get you down (as we realise we can’t all have a boardroom located like this one below!):

David Castillo Dominici / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

David Castillo Dominici / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Fill your space with inspirational quotes

It may sound very 1980s but depending how you do it you can make it funky and up to date. It needn’t mean A0 posters either. Just the odd inspirational word or phrase painted here or there or in small photo frames will give you a psychological boost as you go through your day.

Surround yourself with living things

Plants and animals inspire more than we realise. Seeing life blossoming around you in other forms will only help your own growth. Keep it simple. Don’t get something that takes up too much room or too much maintenance or caring for as it will defeat the productivity aim, but a pot plant or two and maybe a simple fish tank will be much more inspirational than another issue of your monthly trade magazine.

Create a Chill-Zone

However small your workspace, make sure you have somewhere you can access when you need a break. That could even just be a small space outside where you can clear your head and gather your thoughts. In bigger spaces, full chill-out zones featuring comfy seating, table-football and even console games have been proven to have a positive effect on productivity – if you can ever pull yourself away from them.

Think about Lighting

Functionality is good, but sometimes mood lighting can just help soften the difficulties of a hard day. If the main lighting can’t be dimmed then look for a desk-lamp that can add some secondary light or an alternative option. Think about colour too. Coloured light-bulbs are fairly easy to come by in most hardware shops and there are various ‘electronic’ bulbs now that fit standard fittings but that can be controlled via apps or remote controls to really help change the mood.

Have a regular theme day

OK if you work on your own it may not have the same impact, but it will still make you smile nonetheless. Every month choose a day – Mondays or Fridays are usually great choices – whereby everybody dresses according to a chosen theme. It could be 60s dress, perhaps football shirts or something far less drastic like ‘wear a hat’ day. The key is to inject some fun into your working day an your workspace. Work with a smile and you will find you will be far more successful.

Take time to play some games

That doesn’t mean digging out the Trivial Pursuit or chess boards, but more about creating your own games. Trying to get a ping-pong ball into a cup is an age-old pastime but never ceases to help unload some stress for a few minutes. Compete against colleagues on guessing who will be the last in to the office or if you work alone try to test yourself on guess who will be the first to login to Skype, post on Facebook or email you during the day.

Some perhaps very trivial but it helps make working a little bit more fun, eases business stress and provided you don’t go too overboard, will make you more productive in the long run.