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Blog Editor, Tim Fuell gives you a quick run-down of the best posts in April on the 123-reg Content Hub

Another mixed bag, all designed to help you to do better business online. Among those included are the new Swift 6 video series which have provided quick checklists to follow in order to improve your website, a useful guide on how to move your site to one of the new gTLDs without affecting your SEO, a great insight on the necessity and benefits of using one such generic Top Level Domain with your business, as well as a series of week end social media articles, including a new monthly round up of tips for a new look on Twitter and the new mobility for SlideShare.


Mentioned in this month’s round-up:

Swift Six: Building trust in your website

Swift Six: Vital elements for the perfect landing page

How to move to a new gTLD like a champ without hurting your SEO

Why your business needs a new gTLD

Social Share – What’s new in social media – April 2014

However, these are only a few of the marketing, SEO and business related articles showcased on 123-reg Content Hub in April 2014. Check out the hub with our improved search and look out for our latest batch of tips and tricks in May too.

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