What is a Premium Domain name?

Find out what a Premium Domain is, details on pricing and cancellations.

What is a Premium Domain Name?

Premium domains are domain names that have already been registered but are being resold at a premium rate. Some people even register domain names specifically so that they can then resell at a later date.

Buying a premium domain is the best way to secure popular domain names that you would otherwise be unable to register.

Why is a Premium Domain Name so expensive?

Premium domain names cost more than standard domain registrations as shorter domain names are more memorable and marketable, this can help in securing top placements with search engines.

It is almost impossible to find unregistered one-word generic or two- or three-character domains, this makes premium domain names rare with some buyers willing to pay large sums to own them.

Upon the secure purchase of a Premium domain name the cost of renewal is £10.99 plus VAT per year.

How soon will I get a Premium Domain Name when I order?

Once you have completed the purchase of a Premium domain it is transferred to 123 Reg automatically and the ownership details updated on a whois. The domain will then be placed into your 123 Reg user account for you to manage alongside your other domains.

Can I cancel the order of a Premium Domain Name?

Unlike registering other products, there is no grace period when purchasing an already existing Premium domain name as you are only transferring the ownership of the domain name.

As this transfer of ownership happens instantly it is not possible to cancel the order of a Premium domain name once paid for.