What is a Premium gTLD and how does it differ from a normal gTLD?

This article will explain what a premium gTLD domain name is.

Some of the new gTLDs released by Donuts are to be marked a Premium. This means that they will sit at a more expensive price point, with a higher registration and renewal cost.

As there is no definitive list of Premium gTLDs you will only know what counts as a premium when you have searched for the domain you are looking for. However, you will know before you order whether you have selected a Premium extension or not.

For example, above, cleaning.holdings is not premium, but cleaning.plumbing is, hence the difference in prices. But in the below example, lol.bike is also a Premium domain, but is far less expensive than cleaning.pluming.

Donuts has specified 12 different categories of Premium domain, so prices between different Premium gTLDs will vary.