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Keeping it real in the virtual world

Running an online business has many advantages over a traditional bricks and mortar company. A virtual shop front gives you the ability to attract customers from all around the world. You’re not restricted to people passing on the local High Street. Your overheads are typically smaller, and if your product is an online service, you [...]

Worldwide Smartphone Boom: How Businesses and Social Media Benefit

Trying to collate user information for Facebook and Twitter can be slightly tricky at best. If for arguments sake we accept that Facebook has in excess of 750 million users and Twitter has just recently passed the 100 million mark, we can say with a large amount of confidence that these sites command a great [...]

How to beat the mail postage price increase

Royal Mail’s recent price increase has left many small businesses fearing that their business may not survive this change. The cost of first class stamps have risen 30%, from 46p to 60p, and second class 38%, from 36p to 50p, a massive burden that many businesses, at least in the short term will have to [...]

Tips for your content – in a monetary sense

There are a growing number of bloggers across the globe earning a proper and respectable wage from their online writing projects and understandably more and more bloggers or would be bloggers or content creators are keen to collect their slice too. Until now that has been a bit difficult. Positive comments are nice but don’t [...]

How to check the pulse of your marketing efforts in just 10 Minutes

Time: We’re always complaining we don’t have enough time to get things done. However, as a marketer no day should go by without getting up to date with your website analytics. Results matter so you have to check and see if your marketing efforts are paying off. This article covers a few simple steps you [...]

Social Media holds success for affiliate marketeers

The rise of social media not only gives you the chance to reach a wider audience with your affiliate links, but also the chance to differentiate how you offer the products of the affiliate scheme you are signed up to compared to fellow affiliates. It needn’t be just about re-tweeting the offers of your merchant [...]

Don’t get lost in Geo-location

FourSquare, Gowalla, Facebook Places: What you are doing when and where is what smartphones appear to have been designed for. Even Twitter lets you search for tweets sent locally – location is a big feature of social media and still much under-used by businesses. Most Smartphones now come with geo-location and if you’ve not used [...]

Now event ticket buying just got more social

With the summer all but over, so is the festival season that has kept social networks busy in recent months with photo postings, check-ins or simple profile updates. Those active in social media like to show off where they are and what they are doing and those not so lucky to be there like to [...]

It’s the Doctor, Who tries Facebook rentals

We’d like to take the praise for predicting earlier this week that online TV was soon to come to these shores most likely in the form of classic repeats, but really it wasn’t a prediction of epic proportions, just progress. So we weren’t really surprised to find that BBC Worldwide is to start renting out [...]

Ignore social media at your peril

In traditional business would you hand your rival a clear advantage by ignoring a route to market? A new report from office and business service specialists Regus suggests by ignoring social media for your company you could be doing just that. The report found that whereas 33% of companies successfully gained customers through social networking [...]