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Is your website host expecting the unexpected?

In business reliability matters, but it’s an unfortunate fact that some things are out of your hands. Companies inevitably have to put their trust in others in order to operate successfully. It might be the courier service that takes your product to the customer, or the electricity supplier that keeps your computers running; whatever sector [...]

Wordpress hosting

Want a great site? Look no further than WordPress

Want a professional looking website that is easy to update, looks fresh and funky and can be developed simply over time? That’s exactly why WordPress is the backbone of the majority of websites on the world wide web.

De-mystifying the cloud – 123-reg Cloud Servers

As our sister site highlighted at the start of the year, cloud technology is changing the way we lead our everyday lives but many aren’t even aware the are using it. Now with the launch of 123-reg Cloud Servers we are changing the way you do business too. Imagine the flexibility of VPS coupled with [...]

What’s so great about an online website builder?

I remember when I first started with my own website.  I hardly knew any code so how was I supposed to build a website from scratch? Sure, I had some friends that were doing web design and programming, but I couldn’t ask them to do it for free because I knew this takes time and [...]

The easy website builder: Adding Social Media widgets to your site

When I’m a fan of a website, whether it’s an online clothing shop, a travel agency or a restaurant, I usually become a fan on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. I think that’s what we all do so we can engage with them and to ensure we don’t miss any of their offers. Everything [...]

Cutting costs with an all-in-one website builder

How can you build an online business from scratch without spending loads? In the past you may have needed a whole team of people to help you design and code your site, but now there are easier and cheaper solutions that can help you build your site from scratch even if you don’t know any [...]

When is a blog not a blog…?

When it’s a fully functioning website. The concept of blog hosting should be taken as a mere description of the tools available at your disposal and not the content you are going to use it for. Yes, WordPress and the like were designed to primarily host blogs and they do that very well, but it [...]

Plan your wedding online

How building a wedding website can help you to save time and money Summer is right around the corner and with hopefully warmer weather coming it also brings on the wedding season. Getting married is one of the most important and happiest moments in life, but the actual planning can be a hassle. There are [...]

Top 6 reasons to switch to VPS hosting

When building a site, people focus mainly on choosing a catchy domain name and on designing a nice look for it. Deciding what type of hosting a site needs seems to be less important, although it should be a priority. Most people, when choosing a hosting plan, go with either shared or dedicated hosting. However, [...]

Open-source software is thriving and driving the web

This week, Joomla announced that its open source content management system has passed the 25 million download mark. Joomla claims some 2.7 percent of the web runs Joomla and it is not just being used by small businesses or start-ups looking for a cheap alternative. The modular appeal and proven stability means it has been [...]