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When is a blog not a blog…?

By Tim Fuell - June 19, 2012

When it’s a fully functioning website. Image courtesy of www.freedigitalphotos.net The concept of blog hosting should be taken as a mere description of the tools available at your disposal and not the content you...

Plan your wedding online

By Alexandra Gavril - May 4, 2012

How building a wedding website can help you to save time and money Summer is right around the corner and with hopefully warmer weather coming it also brings on the wedding season. Getting...

Top 123-reg support queries

By John - November 22, 2010

Our support team deals with a whole variety of questions from customers. We’ve probably covered every conceivable query at some point, from changing where a domain name points and managing web hosting to...

This is why you went to University

By Tim Fuell - February 19, 2010

OK, the folks at home, might be looking forward to your Graduation day and a chance for a new hat while boasting to the neighbours about your latest qualification, but the best...