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How to choose the right WordPress theme for your website

By 123 Reg - January 25, 2022

Questions to ask yourself before starting your theme search

1. What’s the purpose of my website?

 2. What’s my business about?

3. Who is my target audience?

4. What do my competitors’ sites look like?

5. What kind of functionality does my site need?

6. What’s my budget?

Things to consider when choosing your WordPress theme


Responsive design

Browser compatibility

Supported plugins

SEO friendliness

Ratings and reviews

Updates and security

How do I install a theme in WordPress?

How do I change my WordPress theme settings?

How do I create a Child Theme in WordPress?

How do I change my fonts in WordPress?

How do I add a favicon to my WordPress website?

How do I duplicate a page in WordPress?

How do I edit the footer of my WordPress Website?

Wrapping up