Our new dedicated servers have just arrived. With improved specifications and lots more power, they’re a great step up from shared hosting.

If your website’s outgrown your current solution, or you just want more control and flexibility, now could be the time to look at a dedicated server. Ours start from just £39 a month.

Why go dedicated?

With a dedicated server, you get the whole server to yourself. The memory, the RAM, the processor’s time: it’s all yours. If you’re running a website, it means your pages can be served quicker and your applications run faster.

You also get full control over your server with root access. It means you can run and install whatever you want – though if you take advantage of this, you’ll also be responsible for making sure everything’s kept secure and up-to-date. So some technical knowledge is necessary.

If you think you might be ready to move up a level then here’s a taste of what 123-reg dedicated servers have to offer:

  • Dell and Intel hardware – we trust these names, and so can you.
  • Single or dual core processors – choose which suits your needs.
  • Unlimited bandwidth – there are no excess charges, so you know what you’ll pay each month.
  • Two dedicated UK IP addresses – so your site’s search ranking won’t be affected by other websites on your IP.
  • Choose Ubuntu Linux or Windows – open source or not, it’s up to you.

There are loads more features. To find out more, check out our new dedicated server range now.

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