First to a milion domains123-reg has become the first .uk tag holder to amass over a million domains on a single tag.


What does this mean? Well, essentially, we’re now responsible for the management of over a million domain names which end in .uk. They’re all owned by our customers – that’s you, if you’ve ever bought a .uk domain from us or transferred one in. We take care of them.

Tag holders


To explain further, tag holders are organisations that can process domain registrations through Nominet, the .uk registry. Every tag holder gets its own unique IPS tag to identify them. Ours is 123-REG.


Nominet has confirmed that the 123-REG tag is the first to have over a million .uk domains underneath it. We passed this figure a few weeks back, though because of the way the system operates with transfers in and out happening frequently, we can’t be entirely sure which domain was the millionth.


We’re really pleased to have hit this milestone – and think that part of the reason we got there first is because of the level of domain control we give everyone through their control panel:


  • Control where your email goes by changing MX records.
  • Make sure anyone typing in your domain name ends up in the right place by pointing the A records at any IP address.
  • Change your nameservers to whatever you want.
  • Update the registrant details.
  • Alter CNAME and WWW records.

We’re one of the only places you can get that level of control – and you can change everything yourself, directly through the 123-reg control panel.



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