VeriSign has just released its latest Domain Name Industry Brief. You can grab a copy here (PDF, 325KB) and see the previous editions too.

This quarterly report takes a look at the domain name industry through “a variety of statistic and analytical research”. Basically, it contains a few interesting facts about domain name registrations. We mentioned it previously when an edition was released at the end of last year.

The report reveals that there are now over 162 million domain names in total (actually, the number’s probably grown a little since then as all these figures are for the end of March 2008). That works out at growth of about 6% since the end of last year and 26% compared to this time last year.

The .cn domain (which we now offer) has jumped to third place in the league of top level domains. It has edged above .net, and its year-on-year growth of 199% sounds very impressive. For comparison, .uk is fifth in the league and grew 16% over the same period.

The report is only four pages long and gives a reasonable overview of the domain name industry. Download it here.

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