Over the years there have been plenty of stories about domain speculators looking to make a fast-buck from the death of a superstar – take for example the rush last year for Michael Jackson related domains following his death. Now though, we are able to report a more humanistic domain story based around the death of a celebrity.

Domain registrar Tucows has donated the domain name freddiemercury.com to the estate of Queen legend Freddie Mercury in order to protect and continue the legacy of his work. The story was reported at the end of last week on the official Queen Online site. It appears that Tucows via their domain consultancy division YummyNames secured the domain name and then donated the same to the deceased star’s estate.

A nice touch given the obvious value of the domain for Queen fans or those perhaps looking to trade upon the popularity of the Zanzibar-born Gay icon and rock legend.

We wonder whether there are more to follow?

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