A new domain extension has arrived here at 123-reg and we thought we’d try and pre-empt your queries on this great new international internet address that is a prime choice for personal use.

We often get asked about the value of new domain name suffixes so we’d thought we’d try and answer your questions before they even arise.

Personal .pm – Domains you can call your own

However much of a wheeler-dealer you are and whoever committed to your business you are, there are times that that business domain name won’t be the best option, or won’t be suitable. Having your own private domain name for personal use to whenever you want and to take with you wherever your business life may take you is one of the most important investments you could ever make and the .pm domain name is the perfect option.

Where is it from?

The .pm domain is the country code top level domain for the small French-owned territory of Saint Pierre and Miquelon, which is just off the coast of Newfoundland. The domain has been around since December 2011, and .pm is quickly becoming the international web address for professionals who want a personal domain and now we’ve added it to the wide portfolio of domain names on offer here at 123-reg so you can have your own .pm domain name to call your own.

So how is that relevant to me?

Despite their technical status, .pm domains were created specifically for individuals and business owners who live in the European community and in Switzerland. So, they make a perfect domain for your private email address or any personal messaging you may do. When you register a .pm domain with 123-reg, it is easy to create your own private email address to use in your CV instead of the standard Gmail or Hotmail address. Using a personal email address and showing off that .pm extension will ensure you no only stand out from the crowd but with the rise of the .pm domain, show you also understand the value of a personalised domain name.

Can I have full email functionality with a .pm domain name?

Yes, just add a 123-reg mail account and you can create mailboxes that enable you to check your email on the go.

Who can register .pm domains?

All European companies, individuals and organisations are able to take advantage of .pm domain name registration from 123-reg without restriction. So, if you live within one of the member states of the European Union or in Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland or Norway you can register .pm domains.

How can I get one?

The functionality to order .pm domain names has arrived at 123-reg this week so use the 123-reg domain search tool as you usually would and you will now see the .pm domain name popping up in your results. Just click the relevant box to ensure you register your register your .pm domain name from your domain search results. Unlike the popular .me, .me.uk and .name domain extensions, there is plenty of availability too, so you have so many more options to choose from.

What are you waiting for? Secure your .pm domain name now!

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