Union flagAs reported over on the Nominet news pages, the seven millionth .uk domain has recently been registered.

That’s another milestone for the .uk registry, which is still growing at a fairly impressive rate – it only passed six million in July last year.

A good proportion of those domains are registered through 123-reg; back in March we became the first UK registrar to amass over a million domains on a single tag.

This news underlines the fact that .uk domains are still as recognisable as ever, with many UK-based companies and individuals registering them as well as, or in preference to .com addresses.

It’s a nice milestone to reach, but it probably won’t have a big impact on your website or business. However, it is a good reminder that although there are plenty of decent .uk domains out there waiting to be snapped up, the popularity of them means they might not be around forever.

So if you’ve had your eyes on particular .uk domain, perhaps now’s the time to purchase it. They only cost £2.79 a year, and you can search for the one you want right now.

Anyone fancy a bet on when we’ll hit eight million? Leave a comment and let us know your best guess.

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