Another day, another well known name involved in a domain name dispute. This time it’s The Economist, which has failed to wrestle control of from a chap called Jason Rose.

He bought the domain in 1996 – it currently hosts a simple picture of well-known economist Alan Greenspan. As usual, the whole affair is reported on The Register.

The case was brought by The Economist to the World Intellectual Property Organisation‘s dispute resolution service. Rose’s defence was to claim that, at the time of registering the domain, he’d never heard of The Economist.

Perhaps understandably, The Economist disputed this (hasn’t everyone seen their legendary poster campaigns?). But the decision went against the publication. As the WIPO’s panel said of Rose’s assertion:

“Despite the panel’s misgivings about the credibility of his claim, this proceeding under the policy is not the proper forum for testing its validity more than 11 years after the domain name was registered.”

So – for now at least – the domain stays in Rose’s hands. If The Economist fancies its luck again, it can try litigation instead.

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