ToysWe might be in the midst of a deep financial crisis, but clearly there are still a few companies out there with deep pockets.

The evidence? At the end of last week, Toys R Us triumphed in a furious bidding war for, eventually agreeing to pay an enormous $5.1m for the domain name.

(I don’t actually have much evidence that it was a furious bidding war, but given the amount of cash involved, I like to picture the final two bidders involved in a tense standoff, waiting to see who cracks first.)

Is it worth it?

Clearly, is a prime domain name for Toys R Us to own. It fits perfectly with their brand, and I’m sure they’ll receive a ton of visitors, both from people typing it straight into their browser, and from search engines.

It seems an even cleverer purchase when you realise that the company’s name can be harder than you’d think to type into a browser. For a start, the logo has a silly backwards ‘R’ in it, which doesn’t have a direct equivalent on your keyboard.

I bet a good number of people mistype the ‘r’ as ‘are’ too – which makes me slightly surprised they haven’t made the owner of an offer they can’t refuse. Perhaps if they make sure everyone thinks of when they think of Toys R Us, they won’t have to.

But despite all that, $5m is a lot to pay for a domain name. Toys R Us obviously think it’s worth it, but do you? Leave a comment and let us know.

All time top ten

Looking at the most expensive domain name sales of all time, $5.1m is well into the big time.

Going by the list we published a year-and-a-bit back, would come in joint 7th in all-time sales, alongside

That’s pretty impressive for a sale at any time, never mind during an economic slump (maybe there is something in the idea that domain name values are recession proof).

It’s a lot of money, whichever way you look at it. Full story on TechCrunch and DomainNameNews.

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  • Mobile Phone King

    It seems like a lot of money to pay when they are already at the top of Google for the search term ‘toys’ with their regular site. They obviously have very good seo. I guess when a company has that much money it doesn’t seem like a big deal and I’m sure they love the status it provides!

    July 7, 2009 at 10:37 am