Worldwide, millions of us partake in social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. But which country has made the most significant contribution to the social media phenomenon? Somewhat inadvertently, Montenegro is a real contender for this accolade.

Like a few other lucky countries before them, Montenegro has been blessed with a highly desirable Top Level Domain (TLD) extension. The .me TLD offers immediately obvious benefits to the social media community. And in an online culture obsessed with individual identity, droves of us are clambering to register our .me domains. In fact, over 320,000 .me domains have been registered since 2008.

The .me domain isn’t only useful to social media users. Facebook themselves have secured the domain; this allows users to locate their Facebook page by simply typing in, as opposed to a lengthy URL. Another notable site is, which is being used to promote a forthcoming movie of the same name. Many companies are also using .me to denote a reference to the Middle East region within their URLs.

There’s plenty of scope for anyone to conjure up a catchy spin on the .me domain. After all, it’s often the case that an innovative online branding opportunity will determine which products and services businesses bring to the market. An imaginative and unique domain name can generate a colossal number of hits. And with the right business plan in situ, the revenue could come rolling in.

So why not make a brew and see what interesting .me domains you can come up? Then use our domain checker to see if your creative inspirations have beaten the rush. Normally we’d ask you to share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment below, but this is one time we recommend you keep your ideas to yourself. Just make sure you get your best .me domains registered before someone else pips you to the post. And there’s never been a better time to register yours; we’re offering .me domains for just £3.88 in our January sale, that’s 70% of the normal price.

Even if you don’t have a business, if you can think up a winning .me domain there’s every chance someone will want to buy it off of you. You’ll be in good company; enterprising individuals are always on the ready to take full advantage of any adaptable linguistic quirks in domain extensions. For example, those with business acumen recognised the marketability of Tonga’s .to TLD, which provided futile ground for domain names such as:, and, while the Pacific island of Tuvalu gained great popularity in the world of media with their .tv TLD.

There something quite odd about seeing TLDs (originally conceived to indentify a nation) being re-orientated in the name of online marketing. That’s the web for you; the old rules don’t always apply, and the new ones are there for the making.  As we’ve already said, keep your .me domain ideas to yourself. However, it will be great to hear any views you have on the way that TLDs are manipulated for marketing purposes.

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