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The concept of blog hosting should be taken as a mere description of the tools available at your disposal and not the content you are going to use it for.

Yes, WordPress and the like were designed to primarily host blogs and they do that very well, but it is also a great engine to drive almost any type of site.

With 123-apps you have several choices of blog hosting free with your shared hosting package and here are six ways you could use your blog hosting to good effect:

1. Campaign website

If you need a stand-alone site for a one-off campaign quickly and effectively, a blog back-end is the perfect way of ensuring a professional looking website with the minimum of fuss.

2. Online store

Of course there are other more advances options like our eshop offerings but your blog engine with some nifty plugins (most are free) can very easily become a working shop for you. You don’t need high level programming expertise and you don’t need to spend hours trawling through help guides. Using a blog engine and ecommerce plug-ins is usually intuitive and you can produce a very respectable shopfront and link that to payment sites such as PayPal to turn it into a full working shop.

3. Community site

If you are involved in a local club, society or organisation the chances are the majority of people you are dealing with have a very limited techie knowledge but ideally you would want them to be updating the website. With a blog engine that is possible. If people can point, click and type, they can use a blog engine to update content.

4. Portfolio

We all have things we like to show off and if time and money are tight, using your blog to host that is the perfect idea. Using plugins, almost every type of content (written, drawn, photographed, on video, in audio, sculptured, etc) can be presented, promoted and archived. Plus if you fancy writing a bit about yourself, blogs are perfect for those About Us pages.

5. Online News site or Magazine

The Huffingon Post, Mashable, TechCrunch; all blog driven and all rather successful. Blog engines offer the ability to prepare articles ahead of publication, schedule them even update them once live. You can include dynamic content from Twitter, RSS feeds etc and very soon have a dynamic news channel up and running.

6. A traditional static website

Dynamic content is great most of the time, but sometimes something like an online business card or brochure is all that is required and while blogs can also help provide dynamic sites, their great forte is being at the heart of a clean, simple, informative site.

If you’ve got a 123-reg shared web hosting package, you’ve got blog hosting included free, so make sure you are making the most of it. Quick, easy and very flexible it is probably one of the most powerful tools that people on almost any level of web design expertise have at their disposal.

What’s the most unusual use you have employed for blog hosting?

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