After a wide-ranging panel discussion the conference broke for lunch in one of Wembley Stadium’s restuarants. Big stadia are strange places when there isn’t an event on, and Wembley is no exception, with large open spaces devoid of people and long corridors which seem to go on forever.

Apparently it’s a kilometre to walk right round the stadium concourse, and having gone about a quarter of the way round for lunch, I can well believe that.

There are a few interesting faces here today, including a chap I was just speaking to who owns the .com domain names of a number of very well-known politicians, plus people from the whole spectrum of registrars – including domainers and larger registrars like 123-reg.

Conference discussion so far has centred on the introduction of new gTLDs (for background, check out our article here) and the effect parked domains have on domain name prices in the secondary market.

Over lunch, people mostly seem to be discussing what the strange white things on the pitch at Wembley are. Answer? They’re massive lights to encourage the grass to grow.

The next keynote is about to start, so I’ll try and update again after that.

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