In a world where technology rules and the realism of ‘reality’ even comes under question, surely nothing can ever surprise us?

Well, what about a console game that has competitors doing battle in a concept based around top search engine results?

Perhaps, least surprising is that the Wii console game due for release at the end of the month is to be released to Japanese Wii owners initially. The game, And-Kensaku (Kensaku meaning ‘searching’ in Japanese), sees players competing by guessing popular web search terms. The player with the most correct guesses wins. Using the familiar mini-games set-up, players are rated according to their ‘hit-count’.

The game is a collaboration between Google, Nintendo and developer Shift and uses Google’s search engine to potentially keep the game in-date for eternity and make every game different. Up to four players can play simultaneously and there is an off-line option with 10,000 pre-stored words and phrases but the online version looks a great twist on the family-quiz type game using current Google search trends – a kind of Buzz meets Family Fortunes.

There are no immediate plans to release the game outside Japan but don’t be surprised if you see a version hitting UK shelves ahead of the Christmas shopping rush and potentially creating a new generation of SEO experts.

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