The body responsible for the domain  system across the internet – the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (Icann) – must remain out of control of one single owner or group, if it is continue its success according to the head of the organisation.

Icann president and chief executive Rod Beckstrom told attendees at the Internet Governance Forum in Vilinius, Lithuania that independence is vital for the organisation to function properly. Beckstrom in particular warned against allowing inter-governmental organisations taking control of Icann.

The comments come at a time that Icann are looking to adopt a new governance model following handover from the US government to an international government advisory committee. Beckstrom’s view is that the committee must represent the interests of more than just inter-governmental groups, in order to maintain the magic element that makes the internet today so successful and exciting.

Thankfully, it appears those around Beckstrom are keen to pull in the same direction.

Do you think a less denominational organisation would be able to govern more effectively?

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