If you are in business, you should be doing it to make money. If not get out now. Running a business is not for the faint-hearted and even if you have £s to squander running a loss making business brings about more problems than just dwindling bank-balances.

So the key for your business should be getting more customers and thus more sales. That leads to the general assumption that the more resources you throw at your marketing the more your sales will go up. Unfortunately, it isn’t quite that simple.

What you market is as important as how you market and not every marketing push should be geared to making sales. In many ways social media blazed a trail in promoting this philosophy – promoting businesses with no real end checkout gain expected, although even social media now is forever being attacked with the need for improved ROI (return on investment). There is a big place for marketing that isn’t only after a direct sale.

Content Marketing has become something of a buzz-word in recent months which effectively focuses on those pieces of marketing without an immediate sales boost, but are more significant on lead generation and just general brand awareness.

So what is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is simply using engaging content to improve brand awareness and sentiment. In practice it can involve techniques, such as blogging, video, infographics, white papers, audio podcasts and slideshows. Some even more traditional methods like press releases and newsletters as part of their content marketing, provided it is created and written to attract new or engage existing customers and not just feed them a sales line.

Why does Content Marketing work?

It’s all about relationship. Build a rapport with your customer and they will begin to trust you more. Provide them with information that makes their experience with you better and they will show greater loyalty. That means better quality customers and better quality sales in the long run

So aim to engage, build trust and just get your brand known and accessible online and watch your sales increase with no hard sell needed.

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