One of the interesting (for strange people like me anyway) things about search marketing is how seasonality has such a large impact on certain keywords, and how sites can plan and act on them.

A good example is the keyword ‘Wimbledon’. If we use Google Trends we can see how search volume using the term ‘Wimbledon’ spike during the tennis tournament We can also see the same for the keyword ‘christmas’ and ‘mothers day’

By identifying those events related to your site that come around every year you can plan both your site lay out and search marketing activity in advance. If we take the example of an online store that sells flowers, straight away we can pick out two key events to plan for; Mothers day and Valentines day (

With this knowledge we can activate keywords on the search engines in the build up to the spikes and then pause them once they end. This allows you to benefit from a period of high traffic that will have a high propencity to convert in to customers with out having them running through out the year, putting a strain on your budget. You can also amend your home page to focus on these events so that they are the lead messages and offers to draw your visitors further in to your site.

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