In days gone by, even the greatest print journalists suffered writer’s block and the same can affect online writers too. Blogger’s block or Blog Fog has been around almost as long as blogging itself. If you’ve installed WordPress or b2evolution via our 1-click option you will know how easy blogging can be, but only if you can find the inspiration to write. We hope these six tips will help you overcome any Blog Fog.

  • Choose the right topic

The key to a good blog is transferring your enthusiasm for a subject to your reader.  If you haven’t yet got a set topic for your blogs, have a think. What is it you like? What gets you excited? Do you have opinions on the subject that you think others might want to read? Is there already somebody blogging about the same? How could you do it differently?

Even if you already have a focused topic for your blog, the odd off-topic post might not be a bad thing. It not only prevents your thoughts from becoming stale, it might also develop some discussion on your blog from others as they learn more about you.

  • Change your blogging location

Anybody who remembers weary days of exam revision will know that a change of surroundings or location is often all that is needed to kick-start a tired mind. It can work too with your blog thoughts. New experiences will mean new ideas. Get out and about. If you have a laptop you might even be able to blog live from a coffee shop, shopping centre or somewhere completely different from your usual desk. If not, don’t worry. Carry a notepad with you that you can jot your ideas down in, wherever you are. You won’t use them all but if you ever suffer Blog Fog again they might inspire as you flick through.

  • Ask your audience

With any luck you will have others already keeping an eye on your blog. If you get stuck, throw it back to them. What would they like to see? Have your past posts inspired them? Check any past comments others have made on your blogs. Feedback is a great way of getting you to re-think your own approach.

  • Check the competition

Many of your audience will probably also have their own blogs on similar topics. Have a look to see what they are blogging. Could you approach it in a different way? Could you do tandem-blog with another blogger – perhaps playing devil’s advocate to each other on a topic?

  • Set deadlines

Many find they lose their enthusiasm after the initial few weeks of blogging. Try thinking about writing your blog as any other job. Set yourself a set-time every day or week that you need to have your blog live. It will help focus your mind and develop a stronger sense of urgency to come up with something.

  • Enjoy it!

Finally, remember to make it fun and enjoyable – for you, as much as your readers!

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