1. Giving up after a couple of months because they aren’t ranked #1 on Google
Unless you are in a completely competitor free niche (try typing in “monkey shine on tree” in to Google!) your site will take time to be crawled by the search engine’s spiders, linked to by other sites and ranked high enough on a search engine to be found. Be realistic with your expectations.

2. Thinking building a website is a quick and easy affair
You can certainly get something up and running in a matter of minutes, whether that site will be attractive and/ or informative enough for repeat visits is debatable. Even the most simple of sites takes time and effort to get right. Don’t give up when you find an entire day had just disappeared and you still haven’t published the site!

3. Writing new content for the sake of it
You have heard search engines like updated content so you write new material each day hoping it will get your site ranked higher. if you genuinely have something to say, great, but this is such a minor consideration amongst all the other factors search engines use, your energy can be better spent elsewhere e.g. adding analytics tracking, tweaking the navigation, generating links, reading relevant blogs…

4. Not planning the site structure in advance
It is tempting to dive straight in and start typing away, adding new pages as and when they come to you but you will eventually find your site is all over the place and has no logical flow. Sit down with a pen and paper, and draw a diagram of how you think the site will look with each page’s connections to others. This will also speed up the process of getting the site online.

5. Everyone will know how to navigate the site because I do
You built it, so it all seems logical to you. But is this the case for everyone else? E.g. Have you buried an important link in the depths of a weighty paragraph you think is fantastic but is so overwhelming no one is actually reading it? Are the links in the navigation bar descriptive and clear enough?

Get some friends and family to sit down and have a play with the site before you publish it. This way you are not testing in a ‘live environment’

6. Never getting started in the first place!
Sad, but true!

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