They say practice makes perfect and the same is very true in the Twittersphere. The reason Stephen Fry and Richard Bacon still have such strong Twitter followings is in much part due to the fact that they have been doing it so long they understand the medium better than anyone else. For the Twitterati it is usually clear from how and what they tweet that Twitter is now an essential part of the their daily routine.

With that in mind here’s our six top tips on how to become more tweetable:

Learn the ropes

Before you plunge headlong into launching a Twitter profile for your business make sure you really know what it entails. Monitoring Twitter is free and doesn’t need you to be tweeting, just watching and absoring information.

Get personal before you encourage company

It’s probably wise to protect your brand first and make your first Twitter steps under a personal account. It needn’t even be in your name, create an alias if you like but certainly get to understand how Twitter works under the bonnet. The intricacies of how it works can only be understood by using it.

Practice keeping it short

It is amazing how difficult tweeting can be. The say size doesn’t matter, but on Twitter it does. 140 characters is next to nothing. Especially if you are replying to another twitter user with a 10 character twitter name – that’s 12 characters (10 for the name, one for the @ sign and one for the space before it). Being concise is one thing but ensuring it makes sense too takes time.

Be creative in your language

In primary schools they call them WOW words in the Twittersphere they work. Descriptive, short, sharp and to the point – the language you use should be as creative as the concepts you are tweeting about. A clever choice of words will also help you stand out from the crowd – but don’t try to be too clever.

Editing is an art, a skill and a science

Twitter and most Twitter clients will tell you when you are over your character limit and help you pare it down, but being able to do it first time without the prompts will save you time and hassle. Remember you want peope to respond to and possibly comment when they re-tweet, that’s when it gets very skillful. If you want to encourage comment with a retweet, you need to leave enough space for your tweet, your username and their comment. A real case of less is more.

Make it regular

Not a chore, but apps like Buffer and IFTTT and various Twitter clients allow you to schedule your tweets so you can build up a stock and have them released over time. If you choose to do that make sure you are monitoring any responses though. Twitter is all about immediacy, and engagement wont come from a five hour delay in responding.

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