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Entrepreneurs, Take a Step Forward #GEW

By Tim Fuell - November 14, 2013

Monday sees the start of Global Entrepreneurship Week 2013.

A global event it claims to be the world’s largest campaign to promote entrepreneurship and it certainly has plenty of social reach judging by the traffic under #gew  and #gew2013. Events like this have a vital role in encouraging future entrepreneurs and the next generation of those considering starting up their own business.

The global event is overseen by the Kauffman Foundation whilst the UK campaign has a youthful push being hosted by The Prince’s Youth Business International in partnership with Barclays. Their aim: “To create a collaborative, local and practical week which enables people to learn more about the wealth of support that is available to entrepreneurs in the UK.”


According to their own research, a fifth of all UK adults have heard of Global Entrepreneurship Week – have you?

Hearing and knowing is of course different from listening and actioning and in reality it is that difference that sets successful entrepreneurs apart from the dreamers. Anybody can set-up a business – especially on line thanks to the many tools and products from 123-reg – but it takes drive and an eagerness to learn to make it succeed.

If you’ve got that drive then Global Entrepreneurship is probably perfect for you with a series of events around the globe, around the country and around near you, to inspire those business building aspirations. Take a step forward is their slogan this year and if you fancy having a crack at starting your own start-up we have our inspirational products here too.

There’s hundred of GEW branded events listed in the UK on their website and resources for those looking to host their own event, get involved or simply looking for some inspirational articles. There are top tips on running a business too, whether you are a new start-up, established business or just dreaming of the idea. Entrepreneurs are something of a specialist breed who covet information and aim to learn from all they encounter. If that is you, get involved with Global Entrepreneurship Week and remember it was 123-reg that started you on your journey..