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Personalise the web

By Thomas Costello - November 20, 2015

This month, 123-reg launched its industry-leading website builder, helping all businesses and web professionals to build responsive, personalised websites quickly. The launch will enable all UK businesses to build mobile optimised and dynamic websites without technical training and skills considerably shortening the time to get responsive websites live enabling all businesses to compete better online.

As part of the launch, 123-reg is sharing a report into how customers perceive different types of website functionality across small and big businesses. An online study of 2052 adults, commissioned by 123-reg and undertaken by YouGov revealed that 59% British adults who have ever purchased items online from a business website feel large business websites are generally better than small business websites and this rises to 78% for 18-24 year olds. Just 3% of respondents disagreed that offline small businesses provide a more personal service than big businesses.

Our finding are below, and if you want to lean more about how to get a personalised website check out the guide in this link..