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Give your website the personal touch with inSites from 123-reg

By Will Stevens - November 17, 2015

The web is getting personal. Amazon bases its homepage on the products you’ve visited in the past; Netflix provides constant suggestions as to what you should watch next based on programmes you’ve already seen; Spotify generates a weekly playlist for you based on your musical tastes.

If you’ve followed the previous two posts in this series, you’ll already know that personalisation can help small businesses attract new customers and help keep current customers satisfied, and that personalisation can help small businesses take advantage of changing shopping habits. But companies like Amazon have huge budgets to dedicate to web design and development, whereas small businesses have extremely limited resources. How can a small business hope to keep up with bigger rivals? The key is embracing new technology that allows you to use powerful personalisation techniques without being an expert coder or having to update your entire website.

One potential solution is inSites, which are part of the 123-reg Website Builder. InSites allow you to personalise your visitor’s experiences based on a range of factors. This might sound complicated to implement, but you can get your first inSites up and running with just a few clicks. Let’s delve into a few examples of how inSites can be used to improve your business. We’ll also have previews of all the inSites we talk about here. You can click the image to get a closer look at things.

Time sensitive offers

Christmas is coming and there’ll be plenty of people looking for online deals. Wouldn’t it be great if you could present timely special offers aimed at potential customers searching for a bargain? With just a couple of clicks, you could set up an inSites to present website visitors with a special discount on Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday. Amazon will be pushing special offers hard in the run up to Christmas, so why shouldn’t you do the same?

cyber monday

A preview of the Cyber Monday inSite

Attract nearby customers

Do you serve customers in a certain location? Perhaps you’re a bar or a restaurant looking to attract passing trade. Perhaps you have a physical shop. Maybe you run a service business that operates in a certain radius? Wouldn’t it be great if you could provide a personalised experience to someone when they visit your website from within the area you serve?

If you’re a bar, restaurant or physical shop, you could provide people with a map showing them how to reach your establishment. Alternatively you could give local visitors a special offer coupon to encourage them to pay you a visit. If you run a service business, you could present visitors a click to call button, allowing them to contact you for a quote.

This is all possible with inSites from 123-reg. With just a few clicks, you can develop a website that’s personalised to the needs of local visitors. What’s even better is the ability to tailor things based on the platform people are using. So visitors from a desktop or laptop computer would see your normal site, while visitors from a mobile device would get a click to call button or a map depending on how you’ve set things up.


A preview of the local visitor inSite

Let first time visitors know what you’re all about

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, so it’s vital to engage with first time visitors to your website as soon as they arrive. With inSites, you can help potential customers get a feel for your business by showing first time visitors a video that highlights your best features. Alternatively, you can present them with a contact form so you can get their details and get in touch with them in order to make a sale. You can even offer them the chance to schedule a meeting – a fantastic option for consultancy-based businesses.

1st visit

A preview of the first time visitor inSite

Encourage returning visitors to connect with you

If people visit your site on multiple occasions, it’s the perfect opportunity to encourage them to connect with you in some other way. Multiple visits indicate that you’ve either won a customer, or someone is giving serious thought to doing business with you. You could invite someone to like your Facebook page once they’ve visited your site three times, or show them a contact form, or let them book a meeting with you. It’s all about getting repeat visitors to engage with you in a way that bring them one step closer to becoming a customer, or one step closer to doing business with you again.

repeat visit

A preview of the returning visitor inSite

A custom welcome based on your ads

If you’re running ad campaigns it’s vital to ensure that the landing pages you’re sending people to match the messaging in your adverts. With 123-reg inSites, you can display targeted content based on the ad URL someone has clicked on. This means you can make sure visitors are landing on a page that meets their needs.

ad insite

A preview of the ad URL inSite

Out of hours contact information

Not everyone will want to be on the phone to potential customers at all hours of the day. InSites allow you to direct a visitor to a contact form if they visit your site out of hours. This will allow you to get back in touch with the visitor when you’re open for business again.

out of hours

A preview of the out of hours inSite

That’s not all

All of the above inSites are available ready-made as part of the 123-reg Website Builder and can be installed on a site in just a few clicks. But you can also create your own inSites, which means the possibilities for personalisation are huge. InSites also support JavaScript, so if you know JavaScript you’ll be able to take your personalisation efforts even further. You can check out what else the 123-reg Website Builder has to offer here.