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Top organisations and resources for female entrepreneurs in the UK

By Alexandra Gavril - September 23, 2020

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Women are rising to the top of the startup scene. According to a report by Crunchbase, the proportion of female co-founded companies worldwide has doubled since 2009.

Simply put, there’s no better time like the present to be a female entrepreneur in the UK and the world. And it’s not just because there’s an abundance of tools that make it easier to start a business. It’s also because these days, there’s a plethora of organisations, groups, communities, and resources designed to encourage and boost female entrepreneurship, better your professional self and find support along the way.

So if you’re looking to launch or grow an existing business, you no longer have to go it alone. Check out this list of incredible resources you can take advantage of to get all the knowledge and support you need to thrive as a businesswoman in the UK or anywhere else in the world.

Women Entrepreneurs UK

Women Entrepreneurs UK is a website dedicated to women who aspire to start their own business. You’ll find here lots of useful information on the challenges facing businesswomen today as well as tips and advice on how to raise money for your startup.

If you’re looking to start a business from home, there’s also a section dedicated to that topic with ideas you can use to get started.

Click on “Entrepreneur Articles” in the menu and select between different categories depending on the topic you’re interested in, from “Black women entrepreneurs” to “Mumpreneurs” and “Best home businesses for women”.

The Businesswoman’s Network

The Businesswoman’s Network holds a variety of events (currently virtually) where women can learn the tricks of the trade, from how to make a good first impression to how to raise visibility for your business with Facebook Ads.

Here’s how one of the members describes this network:

“​BWN has been a fantastic source of inspiration to me and I look forward to each event. The BWN is a great tool to network and meet other business women who have opportunities to offer. […] I had a call from a business woman who needed a database and had found me on the BWN website. This network certainly works for me.”

Start by checking out the events calendar to see if there’s any event you’d be interested in attending.

Women Mean Biz

Women Mean Biz (WMB) was founded by Philippa Constable, a networking expert, trainer, speaker and businesswoman who’s taken two start-ups from zero to success.

It’s a network of businesswomen and entrepreneurs working in all sorts of businesses from start-ups to established companies and large corporations. The group is currently holding weekly online networking meetings. You need to be a member to take part, but there are offers available, including a one-month trial membership.


Everywoman was founded in 1999 by Karen Gill and Maxine Benson, who have both been awarded MBEs. The group is dedicated to helping businesswomen grow their skills and thrive in business.

You’ll find here lots of valuable tools, services, events and information that you can use to boost your career as a female entrepreneur.

Women in Business Network (WIBN)

The Women in Business Network (WIBN) is another membership and networking organisation where women meet (currently, meetings are online) to connect and swap advice and knowledge on how to thrive in their chosen field.

It’s described as a “membership organisation for women who wish to gain new business opportunities through word of mouth. Whether employed or a business owner the network has a huge diversity of businesses involved. Our members support and encourage each other through collaboration and the sharing of business contacts and opportunities.”

Members can also use the platform to share business advice, tips, articles, useful blogs and information as well as to publish any press coverage they’ve received.


Prowess is an online hub that supports women in business, specifically those in the UK, with information, resources and inspiration.

There’s lots of advice on this site coming directly from professional advisors that you can take advantage of to start or grow your existing business. And if you need a little inspiration, you can also find many stories from women who’ve made their own way in business.

She Means Business

She Means Business is a popular Facebook Business page where you can find many valuable communities, resources, tools and inspiration that you can use to grow your business.

The page is supported by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) which aims to protect the interests of the 5.4 million SMBs in the UK.

So if you’re looking for groups on Facebook that discuss a specific topic like how to start a business or how to get funding, all you need to do is run a quick search on the site and then join the Facebook groups you’re interested in.

Need some inspiration? Check out the “Inspiration” section on the site to learn how other female entrepreneurs have built successful brands and the struggles and obstacles they’ve had to face along the way.

Female Entrepreneur Association

The Female Entrepreneur Association is a global community dedicated to helping female entrepreneurs turn their ideas into the businesses of their dreams. The organisation currently has 650,000 members from 67 countries.

You can watch a weekly video with advice on how to grow your business or read the monthly magazine with interviews and inspirational stories from female entrepreneurs around the world.

There are also lots of other resources you might find useful, such as the blog which is regularly updated with great business tips and advice as well as masterclasses, live Q&A sessions and more.

Wrapping up

There are many amazing organisations and resources in the UK and globally that encourage, support and provide female entrepreneurs with all the resources they might need to start a business and make it successful. Make sure you take advantage to get inspired and better your professional self as you embark upon your entrepreneurship journey.