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A domain name can last a lifetime

By John - May 23, 2011

Once you’ve got the domain name you want, you probably won’t want to let it go. And holding on to it’s even more important if you’re running a website or business – or simply rely on it for your email.

Our domain name – 123-reg.co.uk – is 11 years old at the end of May. That’s nothing in the scheme of things, but it did get us thinking about the different ways you could use a domain name during your lifetime. Buy it at the start, and it’ll last till the end…

  • At birth, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to buy a domain for yourself. But assuming someone does manage to register it for you, they’ll be able to embarrass you by putting baby photos online, writing a blog of your progress – and setting up an email address for good wishes.
  • By the time you get to your teens, you’ll probably enter a rebellious stage. A website is the perfect way to express yourself. Get creative, or set up a private messageboard to keep in touch with your mates, away from prying eyes. After all, don’t teenagers understand the internet better than most adults?
  • At university, you’ll discover a whole range of new interests. Maybe you’ll be setting up a website for a club or society, or trying to impress potential employers with an online portfolio or project. You certainly won’t struggle for ways to use your domain name.
  • In your 20s and 30s? Isn’t that marriage and kids time? Replace wedding invites with a website. Include your seating plan, gift list and show people who else is coming. Or document every moment of your pregnancy and birth. (Ok, not every moment.)
  • Kids growing up, more time on your hands? Spare evenings are a great time to pursue a hobby or passion online. Maybe you could start a website – or even an online business. Plenty of ‘five to niners’ make money by running an online company outside of normal office hours.
  • If you’ve hit retirement, you may be what they call a ‘silver surfer’. That’s surely another good excuse to spend more time online.

At 123-reg ,we do believe a domain name can last an entire lifetime. Like your mobile phone number, once you have one you like, you won’t want to change it. So don’t! Register a domain, and you’ll be able to keep it for as long as you need it. Got a domain you’re not using? Choose domain name parking as a potential way you could make money from these domains.

ver Surfers’ Day was started in 2002 by Digital Unite, one of the UK’s main providers of digital skills learning.  The aim was to introduce older people to the world of technology