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Digital High Street: An infographic

By Tim Fuell - September 16, 2014

The wealth of new gTLDs means the Digital High Street is definitely here. The very same shops, businesses and services that create the buzz of the physical high street in your town can be re-created on the world wide web. Thanks to new gLTDs businesses traditionally frightened of moving online can now do so with assurance that they can maintain their identity and profile in line with their physical presence. The below infographic includes a mix of options that are either available now or coming soon.


Coming soon: Even online money still makes the world go round. Show you are on the money with a .bank domain.
Modern high streets are packed with coffee shops so make sure you stand-out from the crowd with a .coffee.
A mainstay of the high street the home letting agent and office rental market is busy online too, so stay ahead of the competition with a .rentals.
It’s not cobblers, your domain name is an essential part of your business, part of the heart & ‘sole’. Secure a .shoes to get on the good foot.
Keep it clear and keep it short .rest does just that for the restaurant and catering industry. Serve your business in the best way online.
From hats to coats, dresses or shirts, online fashion is a competitive market, so make it clear you a specialist in clothes.
The heart of every High Street. Where people network online and offline, grab a pint-sized domain suitable for your venue.
If the fashion is for new gTLDs then this is the most fashionable of all. Let people know where you offer stylish stuff to wear.
The ‘plaice’ to be for fishmongers. Even specialist shops like this can get the benefit of a descriptive gTLD. Land yours now.
Another mainstay of the traditional high street but think how valuable a .tattoo website could be to show of your work and entice in new customers.
Repairs, sales, advice. Appeal to those riders in the sky – or the cloud at least – with a .bike.
It’s not a high street without a cab office but more and more people are using smartphones to do business and a .cab is the perfect mobile.
Coming soon: These new domain names are constantly being added to. .book is just one of those on the horizon and is sure to be hardbacked.
Online flowers is nothing new, but a specific florist domain is. There are a bunch already in use, but if that’s your market you can grab yours and see your business bloom online.