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Introducing the 1.111B Class from XYZ

By 123 Reg - July 4, 2017

The new 1.111B Class of domains from XYZ is set to change the way people use domain names.

Consisting of all .xyz domains between 000000.xyz – 999999999.xyz, the 1.111B class features a total of 1.111 billion numeric combinations, with each domain costing just 99p a year to register, renew and transfer.

This low price and the high-availability of domains means the 1.111B Class can be used in ways that were previously impractical or uneconomical.

So what can I do with the 1.111B Class of domains?

Almost anything you want! The 1.111B Class has been created to foster innovation and creativity. Their price means they can be used for large-scale projects without the cost of registration and renewal becoming prohibitively expensive.

Some possible uses include:

• Smart device connections for the Internet of Things (IoT)

• Advanced network communications

• Vanity digital identifiers

• Phone numbers and other personal identifiers

• Virtual currencies and tradable asset

• Other creative uses by innovators and entrepreneurs

XYZ will enforce a zero-tolerance policy against all forms of abuse, including spamming, phishing and malware. The 1.111B Class will be actively monitored to ensure none of the domains are misused.

How can I register a 1.111B Class domain?

Registering a 1.111B Class domain is no different from registering any other kind of domain – simply search for the domain you want and if it’s available, you can register it.

You can search for your 1.111B Class domains here.

What about domain management for the 1.111B Class?

As with all domains registered through 123 Reg, you’ll be able to manage the 1.111B Class through your control panel.

You’ll be able to do everything can usually do with a domain, including changing MX records for your 1.111B Class domains, and renewing them.

What are you waiting for?

The new 1.111B Class from XYZ offers a chance for you to do something new and innovative with domains.

Whether you’re an up and coming entrepreneur looking to make waves with the IoT, or just someone who wants to purchase a domain that matches their phone number, the 1.111B Class will let you stand out from the crowd.

With over a billion potential domain names, the 1.111B Class offers you a billion potential possibilities. So don’t pass up your opportunity to be part of the latest revolution in domain names.