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What is Whois?

By Tim Fuell - April 12, 2013

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Whilst securing your domain name via 123-reg is one of the easiest and most important decisions you will make in building your project / business, there are a number of other considerations and responsibilities that come with your purchase.

When a domain name is registered your personal information is automatically associated with the domain name in a public arena. This is not us being blase about your information, it is a requirement of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) who regulate the domain name system. They require certain information to be made public; including name, address, phone number and email address. All of this data is accessible to the public via a WHOIS Lookup that be conducted from a number of sites.

Whilst the principles behind the openness and availability of this information is at the core of the success of the internet, with it comes different issues, concerns and problems. Many worry that that policy opens them up to spammers, direct marketers, potential identity thieves and other unscrupulous entities who mine these records for personal information and sell or use the details in ways that the original registrant never even envisaged let alone intended.

That’s quite an understandable set of worries and matters that deserve suitable consideration. If keeping your personal information secret is important to you there is a simple solution via 123-reg that can protect your details and keep you them out of the clutches of those looking to abuse them. With 123-reg Domain Whois Privacy the issues is quickly, safely and professionally dealt with. Using 123-reg WhoIs Privacy means that rather than your private information being displayed, 123-reg Whois Privacy protected domains are listed with details of our secure forwarding partner who protect your personal information but allow others to contact you when necessary, such as offers to purchase a domain name from you.

Protect your identity, protect your inbox: Protect with 123-reg Domain Whois Privacy now.

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