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Why short domain extensions are better

By Alexandra Gavril - June 20, 2012

We live in the world of social media and we have to do everything we can to adapt. This is a world where over 400 million tweets are shared every single day and each message has no more than 140 characters. If you’re using Twitter often, you know how difficult it is to convey your message in so few words, don’t you?

When every character counts…

There are some methods you can use to save up space and get more words in. One of them is to get a two letter domain such as .co, .tv, rather than a three or four letter one.

A short domain extension is easy to remember and social because you can squeeze more in your tweets. Also, the number of people using mobile devices to navigate on the Internet is increasing by the minute, so this is another reason short domain extensions are an excellent solution.

Using branded shorteners

Many big companies started using a branded shortener when they discovered the benefits of short domains. Twitter, for instance, has registered t.co to convey the idea that every character counts. Now t.co is one of the most used domains on the web and it currently ranks 22 on Alexa.  Not long after, Google also registered g.co, the official URL shortcut just for Google websites, Cisco got cs.co and Starbucks started using sbux.co.

Why did so many of the big brands choose .co domains? Because it’s short, generic and easy to remember. Also, it’s similar to .com but not as popular just yet, which means the chances of finding your favourite domain name available are higher.

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