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As more and more applications are developed and consumers continue to be led by social media, could it be that instead of HTML5 driven websites, 2011 will become all about developing enhanced presences on Facebook for your business?

It seems online retailer ASOS certainly have that thought in their mind. They have announced that they will launch a fully transactional Facebook shop, allowing people to buy from its entire range from within the social network. It is thought that the ASOS Facebook app will be one of the first, certainly from a big brand, that will allow people to buy directly from a brand without leaving Facebook. In the past Facebook apps have been used as a shop-front for sales, directing customers interested in products through to the brand’s main website to carry out transactions. This however, will lower clicks, improving conversion rates and also keep customers within the same social network environment.

With changes in data usage and charges by mobile phone networks in the past year, the mobile shopping experience has probably not progressed as quickly as many may have expected. However, with many of those same networks including ‘free unlimited’ usage of applications like Facebook, transactions within a Facebook store like this could technically be free to customers, removing one of the biggest barriers to mobile ecommerce take-up.

ASOS says it will have its entire stock – which is ever growing at the rate of 1,300 products each week – on the Facebook store. The app will also allow for ‘peer-review’ of products with like buttons and comments being enabled to assist customers in making their purchasing decisions.

As a customer of ASOS from its very early beginnings I am for one am certainly looking forward to seeing how it works and if it will change the way people do ecommerce.

Would you consider buying via a Facebook application? Would you consider using a Facebook application to sell your goods?

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2 Responses

  • Charly

    I think this is a brilliant marketing tool, how many users use fb? billion? you think of the free advertising facebook will get out of it and the amount of advertising costs, the profit, it’s the next HUGE thing!!!

    I would certainly consider it when we get our new printers!!!

    February 17, 2011 at 3:21 pm
  • Richard Rawson

    Although this Facebook selling idea might seem like a good one, I do not have a Facebook account and actually refuse to have one. To put ‘all the eggs into one basket’ may give you some good returns I cannot see how you are going to maximise your sales if you are cutting out so many others just because they do not have a Facebook account. Then again, call me old-fashioned if you like, but I would never buy clothes over the internet anyway.

    February 20, 2011 at 2:57 pm