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No more spam, please! How can you stop getting spam emails?

By Alexandra Gavril - June 26, 2012

Spam email is so irritating! It’s also time-consuming because you have to go and delete each and every unwanted email if no other anti-spam method works. You’re probably tired of seeing your email invaded by offers for pharmaceutical products, adult services or loans. So, what can you do to stop getting spam emails?

The bad news is that spammers are getting smarter every day which makes this task even more difficult. Take the recent LinkedIn password breach that triggered an awful spam campaign. People were getting emails that appeared to be from LinkedIn, asking them to confirm their email address by clicking on a link. The URL actually led them to an illicit online pharmacy.

However, the good news is that there are some things you can do to stop spam emails.

Using spam filters

Check to see if your email hosting provider has an anti-spam filter. For instance, the email hosting from 123-reg has built in spam filters that keep unwanted emails away from your inbox.

Other methods to stop spam

Don’t use your email everywhere on the web, at least ensure that the site is safe and secure. Once your email address is in the hands of spammers, unwanted emails will come pouring in and it will not be pleasant.

Consider using a disposable email address. You can always create a second email address for less important emails, such as subscriptions to blogs or sites, writing comments on forums or buying products online.

Don’t bother unsubscribing because if it’s a spam email, the unsubscribe button is there to confirm your email address once you click on it. This means that instead of stopping unwanted emails from that address, you are subscribing, which will attract even more spam.

On your own website, set up a contact form instead of putting your email address. This way you avoid spambots collecting your email address.  If you prefer including the email, an efficient solution to mislead spambots is to write it in a different form, as you’ve probably already seen on several sites: myname[ at ]mycompany[ dot ]com.

How are you dealing with spam?