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What’s new in our Website Builder package?

By 123 Reg - December 11, 2019

Over the past year, there have been several new features and updates incorporated into our Website Builder platform, helping you to make the most out of your online potential.

From small, quality of life tweaks to major design changes, here’s a summary of just a few of the exciting new functions that have been added to Website Builder throughout 2019.

New blog platform: Featuring a more flexible and intuitive design as well as powerful management tools, our new blog platform will help you and your clients to create engaging content that will boost your overall web presence.

New blog back-up: Never worry about losing any archived work ever again, as the new blog is integrated into the site. That way, any time you back-up or restore your site, it will include that version’s blog and posts.

Import RSS feeds: Stay on top of the latest articles from your favourite blogs by importing them into your site. With the ability to import up to 300 blog posts in a matter of minutes, you can give your clients a better blogging experience that features all their original content, including text, images, videos and publish date.

Quick access: Need to make a quick change to your site and just can’t find what you’re looking for? With the Quick Access tool, you can quickly and easily search for any editor function simply by pressing ‘Ctrl+K’ on your keyboard. From there, just type your query into the search bar and you’ll get a list of relevant options.

Multi-language store: Although English has become a universal language, incorporating a multi-language store into your website is a great way to impress your international customers. Choose from over 50 different languages and add your own translations of your products, categories and labels that shows you really are a global enterprise!

Dynamic pages: Creating multiple, identical pages for your site can be a dull and time-consuming task. That’s where Dynamic Pages come in: simply build one page and then use that design as the basis for multiple pages. Generate multiple pages automatically by connecting a Dynamic Page to a database such as Google Sheets and Airtable, with each one displaying different content depending on the data in your collection.

Set as Home Page: Need to temporarily redirect visitors to an alternative page on your site? With this function, you can set any page on your site as the homepage and reinstate the original at any time. Perfect if you want to direct users to a specific page while promoting a special campaign, or if you need to show an ‘Under Construction’ screen while you’re re-designing your site.

Google calendar widget: Featuring a flexible design that works perfectly on mobiles, this widget allows visitors to easily view any upcoming classes, seminars and events that you’ll be hosting. Add contact forms below so visitors can immediately sign up for any events that interest them. You can even customise the colour, font and style for each month and day of the week.

Auto SSL: Reassure visitors that your site is secure with a free SSL certificate that is automatically generated for you. Having an SSL certificate from 123 Reg (or another, creditable provider) guarantees any data exchanged between your visitors and the site is encrypted, such as personal or payment card details, giving you one less thing to worry about.