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It seems everybody under the sun knows how to use Google nowadays. Whereas once you could shine and show colleagues and family how to make the most of the internet, now Googling is almost as natural as brushing your teeth – whatever your age and experience.

Yet, there are still some hidden Google talents that you can use to impress but also use to maximise your own Googling efficiciency.

In an almost throwback to days gone by, Google still responds to some old fashioned code and search operators with some fantastic results.

Say you are on the hunt for sites that are looking for guest bloggers (We are, so get in touch!). Instead of just typing in “guest blogger wanted” for your google search, be more creative and slightly more geeky and use some Google Search Operators like:

inurl:write-for-us ‘domains’

The search operator inurl: means that Google will restrict the results to documents containing that word in the URL. In this instance, the term ‘write for us’ is being searched for. If you want to find those words but not necessarily in that order then try the search:

allinurl: write for us

Note: There is no space between the inurl: and the following word.

In fairness you can use all of these operators and more simply by using the Google Advanced search options, but we know people rarely do. Plus when showing off to your mates, there is something almost mystical if you can use Google Search Operators in their raw form.

Give it a try.

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