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It’s all about the social – Say Thanks

By Tim Fuell - November 14, 2014

Yes, social media is all about the social. The media bit is important too but it’s the social that makes it cool.

So instead of showing off your latest fashion purchase or your current designer meal, why not spend some time saying thank you to the people who matter, in a social way?

Facebook is rolling out ‘Say Thanks’ – a personalised video creation tool for saying thank you to your friends.

Introducing Say Thanks from Facebook on Vimeo.

Say Thanks is another example of how mesmerising the whole Facebook database can be. It really does show the depth of relationship social media can cultivate, weirdly in a public arena – and for some that may actually be a little unsettling too. Say Thanks really is easy to use with all the hard work already done for you. Choose a friend from you Facebook list, choose a theme for the video and Facebook will throw up various photographs and status updates that mention that person and their relationship with you. Select your favourites and you are ready to post a personalised – if somewhat cheesy – video on your friend’s timeline.

If you remember the mobile app Flipagram from last year that stormed the app charts the process will be familiar to you. Facebook’s timing to get ‘thanks’ shareable is probably not a coincidence with Thanksgiving in the US and Christmas globally just around the corner, but anything that gets people using social media for the social aspect has to be applauded. Say thanks here.

Expect your timeline to be full of cheesy videos over the coming weeks and don’t be surprised if a raft of parody videos begin appearing too with a slightly naughtier tinge. The cheesy nature of these videos is ripe for ‘abuse’ or recreation by satirists across the globe.

Another in the Facebook armoury to understand and guide us how to interact with others.

Who are you going to thank?