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Six Twitter Tips to turn your business social

By Tim Fuell - May 3, 2014

If there is one tool to help your B2C business you need to master, it is Twitter. Business that use the platform best can outshine their competition quickly and easily and with Twitter’s global audience the world could be your oyster. Here’s how to make the most of it:

An ideal length tweet

twitter digital1. Leave 20 characters or more space in each tweet to improve re-tweeting

Too many focus on the 140 character limit but that can limit retweets. Yes, you may get re-tweeted but it doesn’t leave room for those people to add their own comment which is the best way to share links on Twitter. Ideally you want to stay under 100 characters, as if your retweeter has a long Twitter handle that can swiftly eat into any comment space too.

twitter love2. Thank people for any interaction with you or your business

It’s called social because those basic human traits go a long way. If somebody has taken the time to acknowledge the fact that they like what you posted, take time yourself to acknowledge that and them too.

twitter cute3. Tweet regularly but throughout the day not all at once

A common failure for those new to Twitter, is focusing half hour per day and firing all their tweets and interactions in one go. If you only have limited time, use scheduling tools like Buffer and Hootsuite to spread your tweets across the day so you have more chance of appearing on people’s timelines when they look.

twitter concentrate4. Cross-populate your networks

Invite those not on Twitter to follow you on there and explain how you use it and what they may get out of it. Make sure you also include your Twitter handle in your bio on other social platforms, websites and email footers, so that people clearly know you are on Twitter and where to find you.

twitter shock5. Remember it is a two-way thing

Interact with others. Not just those who interact with you, but break the ice and if somebody tweets something you like or even disagree with – though be respectful – then build a conversation with them. That’s what Twitter is all about. Conversations help build business not one off tweets with links in them.

twitter glasses6. Optimise everything

Twitter can be a killer SEO tool. Make sure you use strong keywords in your Twitter profile bio, include your website URL and when you tweet don’t be afraid to abbreviate or cross grammar rules, that character limit can be brutal.

Remember Twitter is all about being social and your business is no different. Keep it simple and keep it interactive and regular. Follow these twitter tips and you should be on the right road very quickly.