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What’s so great about an online website builder?

By Alexandra Gavril - December 3, 2012

I remember when I first started with my own website.  I hardly knew any code so how was I supposed to build a website from scratch? Sure, I had some friends that were doing web design and programming, but I couldn’t ask them to do it for free because I knew this takes time and they had their own jobs and paid projects.

I was seeing all these beautifully designed websites everywhere on the Internet and of course I was wondering: do all these people know web design and code? If not, then they must have paid a fortune to build it. Not long after I tried an online website builder for the first time, just for the fun of it, and I loved how easy it was to use.

Why it’s better than a desktop app?

Unlike desktop based apps, with the website builder from 123-reg there is no software to download, no programs to install, just a simple application that can help you build your website online from scratch, exactly the way you’ve imagined it.

The best thing about working with online tools is that you can build your site and edit it anytime and no matter where you are. Everything is online so you don’t need to use the same computer as you would with a desktop tool that requires you to install the software and only use it from the PC where you installed it.

There’s no such thing as the perfect template. Wrong!

While you can get a free template online to use it for your new site, chances are you’ll never be able to find the perfect one that needs no alteration, which means you have to have some programming skills. There’s always something you want to change: a text box, a font, the header or the footer, the background image, etc.

Also, the most common complaint about free templates is that they feel “template-ish”.  Who knows how many other sites are already using it? You probably want a template that’s unique and that no other site is using, right?

When you use the online website builder from 123-reg, you can create your website starting with a classy or professional pre-made template (we have over 100 templates to choose from!) and then decide what you’d like to add to it and where.

Maybe you want three text boxes at the middle, each with an image above to make it more attractive.  All you need to do is drag’n’drop those text and image boxes onto your template. You can resize them to any size you’d like and add the content right then and there. Then just hit “Publish”.

Customising your website’s design

You can always go back and rearrange the elements or change whatever doesn’t look right – images, fonts, text – and your site will be updated instantly.  It’s just a matter of dragging and dropping elements on the page and that takes seconds.

With the website builder from 123-reg you also have the options to add all types of forms to allow your customers to contact you or leave a feedback.

Most of us never thought we would be able to build our own websites without the help of a web designer or a programmer but at 123-reg we offer one of the UK’s best website builders, which makes web building so easy that anyone can do it.

What was your first website building experience like? Did you need any help?