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Why WordPress has the flexibility your business website needs

By Will Stevens - April 11, 2017

Things never stay the same for long in business – you might decide launch a new product, or lure in new customers with a special offer, or perhaps you have some exciting news you want to share with the world.

Whatever’s going on in your business life, when something changes the chances are you’ll want to update your website as quickly as possible.

Sadly, the process of updating your site isn’t always as quick, easy and painless as it should be.

You know how things can be: You make phone call after phone call to an elusive web designer who, when you finally do manage to get hold of him tells you that whatever it is you want do to can’t be done.

Or worse, it can be done, but it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg.

But there is an alternative, and Charlotte Dennis, founder of Curious Consultancy, is glad she found it.

Curious Consultancy helps businesses work on their planning, branding and marketing with the aim of being sustainable in the long term.

It’s a competitive, fast-paced industry and Charlotte knew that her website would need to reflect this. That’s why she opted for WordPress hosting from 123 Reg.

“As a marketer you’re looking at how you can communicate things and brand things and push content and messaging, and when I looked to do that for myself obviously I had to start from the ground up so it wasn’t really my area of expertise and what I really liked about the 123 Reg offering and the WordPress platform is that it’s really easy,” she said.

“I’m not a technophobe by any means but I really wanted something that gave me flexibility. It was really easy, I wanted something that would enable me to link my emails really easily and something that could be updated and that’s exactly what 123 Reg and WordPress enabled me to do.”

For the uninitiated, WordPress is a content management system that lets you build and adjust your own website so it does exactly what you want. It’s a hugely flexible system, and it allows you to publish updates in a matter of minutes, without having to wait for a web designer to do things for you.

It’s this flexibility that Charlotte loves: “I use my website to talk about the different services that I offer, the different sides of the business; whether it’s the branding side, whether it’s the business strategy and helping businesses explore new opportunities side, or whether it’s the personal branding project that I’m working on with professional athletes.

“The website enables me to break things down and talk about what it is I offer. And being a marketer I think it’s really important to have a point of view on different things within the marketing world so my website is also used to talk about things that I want to get on my soapbox and shout about.

“I update my blog page update frequently and also the associates I work with. I’m building a team so it enables me to profile different expertise within the Curious Consultancy business.”

She also explained how to get the most out of the WordPress system: “WordPress takes a little bit of time to get used to and I think you have to invest in it upfront just so you understand it.

“But I think once you get under the skin of how to make amends and changes, upload new images or new blog posts or change things, it becomes a second nature.

“I guess that’s the same as any piece of software where you’ve had to put some effort in upfront but then once you’ve done the process once or twice its really quiet simple to manage.”

If you want to follow Charlotte’s lead, then WordPress hosting packages from 123 Reg start at just £2.99 a month.

Or if you want to learn more about using WordPress to build a business website, then you can download our free WordPress ebook here.