What is an Extended Validation SSL certificate?

This article will explain what an Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate is and how you can identify one.

An Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate is the highest form of SSL certificate that is available to customers.

As part of the registration and verification process, customers must pass a thorough vetting process to:

  • Confirm the legal, operational and physical existence of their business
  • Prove they have exclusive access to the specified domain
  • Prove they are authorised to receive an EV SSL certificate

The benefits of having an EV SSL certificates is that – since they require a lengthier and more rigorous vetting process than Domain and Organisation certificates – they are far harder for fraudsters to fake, offering a greater level of trust for your website. They even help to improve your site’s ranking on search engines like Google.

EV SSL certificates are particularly useful for companies that are highly likely to be targeted by phishing scams and other types of online fraud, such as banks, financial institutions, auction sites and popular retailers.