If you still needed convincing that the way marketeers are using social media is ever changing then check Jennifer Whitehead’s blog on Revolution’s The Wall blogosphere.

She writes “after recommending to a friend via Twitter that she read David Mitchell’s latest novel, The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet, I was tweeted at by the Twitter stream that is part of the digital campaign running ahead of its official launch in paperback”.

It obviously had an impact as Jennifer blogged about it and we’ve then name-checked the same. So is shown an example of Twitter management that is not just about placating the disillussioned customer. Twitter is definitely ‘the new word of mouth’. If you follow any celebrities on Twitter you will probably see daily re-tweets of brands / events and the like seeking informal endorsement via the Twittersphere. There’s no better recommendation either than a satisfied customer that you can show off, so this latest move by the publisher of Mitchell’s book, twitter stalking those who have apparently already read the book and liked it – is just an attempt to make the most of those already on side and encourage them to promote that enjoyment.

A little incentive helps too. A signed-book giveaway is there to entice in those supporting the drive and writing a short review of the book for its Facebook page. The need to ‘like’ the page ahead of a review being allowed also grabs the campaign, some useful metrics about happy readers.

With just over 1,000 likes at the time of this blog, it has not set the world alight in terms of Facebook marketing but it is an interesting insight into how some established names like Hodder & Stoughton are looking beyond the obvious.

Have you come across any off-the-wall social media campaigns that you think break the mould and that really work well?

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