If ever glance at those job ads you see down the side of many webpages you will have noticed an increased number of positions with ‘social media’ in the title. The fact is social media is – or should be – an integral part of every business but too often, even those advertising for ‘social media executives’ and the like are getting it wrong.

This blog by Shane O’Byrne, Social Media Director at agency MEC seems to sum it up perfectly. The thing about social media is that it is not just and add-on and it is not even a separate department. Of course you need experts in social media within your business but to be successful your social media needs to be driven throughout the business. That way by getting more people within your firm or project thinking about social media you will become much more innovative in your use of it and therefore in more successful all round.

Have a read and have a think. Do you agree with Shane?

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