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Start Your Business Award 123-reg

Winning With Domain Names

The Best Domain Name Registration company to Start Your Business – 123-reg We’re not ones to blow our own trumpet that often but our recent award at the Start Your Business Awards event is something we thought you might like to hear about. In the 9th year of the celebrated awards 123-reg were announced as [...]


The Changing Face of Domains: new gTLD’s Webinar

On 29th November 2013, 123-reg hosted a free to attend webinar, examining how new gTLD’s will help small businesses and chaired by Matt Mansell, head of Domain Strategy for 123-reg and the Host Europe Group. The internet is changing and the introduction of new generic top level domains will offer business highly unique domain names. [...]

.Com Powered by Verisign

Most think .com most important domain for online business

Over 56% of people say .com is the most important domain name for an online business
The modern internet was born with the .com domain name and a new poll reveals that the majority of people still believe the .com to be the essential domain for doing business online.


Shorter and Simpler – will .uk domain benefit your business?

Today, Nominet has announced its plan to proceed with the shorter .uk domain extension following its second consultation period. The change will be the most significant advancement to the .uk domain market ever and will allow more than 10 million existing customers a shorter and more unique equivalent of the current There is no [...]

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Time to .tel – Grab a number domain

You may be a name not a number, but if a personalised name domain has been already snapped up by somebody who shares your name, a number may actually be ideal as a universal locator. New changes in the .tel registration rules means that opportunity is now here with the arrival of numeric-only domains, all available via 123-reg.

Measure up?

How To Increase Your Domain Authority

Domain authority is a measure of the power of a domain name and is a good estimate of how well a site will perform on search engine results pages (SERPs). In general, the domain’s authority is based on popularity the number of external links pointing back to the domain, but the age of the domain name as well as the size of the website in terms of number of pages, affect domain authority.

Domain Back Ordering with 123-reg

Interview: How to get the domain you REALLY want

In early 2012, we launched our domain backordering service, which allows customers to check on thousands of valuable domains that are set to expire. The no-win, no-fee service, waits patiently until your preferred domain has expired and once available on the open market, secures it for you. This service has been designed to make it [...]

New GTLDs are coming

Can a new TLD boost your rankings?

If you’re thinking about registering a new .jobs, .shop or .fashion top-level domain (TLD) only in the hope that you’ll get some sort of boost in search engine rankings, think again. While snatching one of the new TLDs can be a fantastic move for your business for so many reasons, don’t register yours thinking that [...]

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Domain renewal: the essential guide for small businesses

In July Computerworld UK reported that the National Australia Bank, the banking group which owns both UK based Clydesdale and Yorkshire banks, failed to renew the domain names on the UK subsidiaries DNS servers. The error, which left some customers without online banking services for a number of days, has since been confirmed by NAB, [...]