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Why your business needs a new gTLD

For any small business, one of the most critical decisions is choosing a domain name. For too long there were only a handful of Top-Level Domains like .com, .org and .net on offer for a small business, making this important decision even more stressful. As the internet has grown and more businesses and individuals have [...]

Host Europe awards 2013-1-133

Customer service you went crazy for

Over the past couple of weeks you may have seen our ‘Finding Reg video.’ The video reflects the passion some of our customers have for the customer service they receive. During this period, we had an internal competition to find out whom, within our team, best optimised what the concept of ‘Reg’ stands for. We [...]

Interview with Jonathan Brealey: Real Business Stories and Advice for Entrepreneurs

Jonathan Brealey is one of the key figures in the UK hosting market over the past decade, starting his career in the industry in 1997. At this time Jonathan realised that even though the Internet was becoming increasingly popular, web hosting services were predominantly technical in nature. Jonathan and his brother Tim set out to [...]

Matt Mansell Interview: Why Having the Right Domain is Decisive

Matt is the founder and CEO of, which was acquired by the Host Europe Group in May 2012. On joining the Group Matt was appointed ‘Head of Domain Strategy’ and is now responsible for managing its international domain portfolio and strategic development. When Matt founded in 2006, he had a vision for a [...]

6 Top Tips for success from those who know

We all want to be a success. We all have different ways we think we can achieve it. There’s no right or wrong answer but what about those who have already proven their success? Here’s six top tips to making your start-up business a success from those in the know: Simon Hughes MP Deputy Leader [...]

Interview: Fighting Malware with Anirban Banerjee

2012 continues to be a year of great excitement for 123-reg. We are thrilled to announce the release of Site Scanner, powered by Stop the Hacker. For those not in the know, Site Scanner is a SaaS based malware monitoring tool that scrutinises a user’s website, notifying the customer when malicious code/viruses are found via [...]

123-reg Reliability and Value helps to Drive Growth at my1login

Launched in March 2012, Scotland based password manager my1login is making a name for itself as internet users switch onto the critical need to protect their online passwords. The company, which uses 123-reg for domain, hosting and email services, has been making serious strides in the technology sector, with CEO Michael Newman interviewed on the BBC’s online [...]

Are you celebrating St. George tomorrow?

It’s St. George’s Day tomorrow, celebrating the Patron Saint of England. Effectively, it is England’s National Day but did you even know that 23 April is St. George’s Day? It seems while the flag of Saint George might unite England football and rugby supporters, the country’s patron saint himself just doesn’t match up in terms [...]