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6 things to do with a Cloud server

Our new range of cloud servers are big on performance using dedicated hardware resources that mean powering your small business or businesses has never been easier or more assured. Cloud performance means your server needs are better matched to demand so that you can concentrate on running your business instead of feeling you have to [...]

6 ways to make the most out of attending a trade show

Can you really justify a day out of the office? Is there more to exhibitions than just collecting carrier bags and free gifts?   There certainly should be more to attending a trade show than just the bits of paper and plastic you collect, but it will only work if you do your homework and [...]

6 things you must do before the day is out

Why should you do them? Well success is based on organisation, preparation and perspiration. So here’s a mix of them that will put you on the right lines to success. 1. Order your email box If it takes two hours, so be it. Delete the chaff and file away the rest in logical folders. Consider [...]

6 Ways to better control your business finances

In the current economic world, running a small business has a whole host of potential barriers, none more so than money. Money makes the world go round we are told, and with increasingly limited lending sources, tighter borrowing criteria and a general waryness about taking on credit, how businesses approach finance and cashflow is often [...]

6 Questions to ask any potential new employee

It’s a new tax year and although those green shoots are not exactly blooming, more and more businesses are looking to add to their workforce. It is a recruiters market however with plenty of applicants but getting the right person for the role and for your your company is never easy. So here’s 6 questions [...]

6 TED talks to inspire and motivate

Almost a beacon of the success of the internet and especially the sharing web, TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) is a global set of conferences owned and organised by US based non-profit organisation Sapling Foundation. Formed to disseminate “ideas worth spreading” in 1984 it was originally a one-off event. The rise of the internet however, [...]

6 ways to your lovers heart – online

It’s that date again! February 14th. Apparently loved by lovers and romantics, but is it really? Many shudder at the thought of the expense and kerfuffle that surrounds the date. Others try to ignore it or shy away from it, but it is still always there niggling away. OK, so your partner said, they didn’t [...]

6 ways to minimise Business Stress

Being successful is a stressful business, even more so if you are running that very business. While an element of stress is important in the workplace to drive us to success, it also needs to be controlled to ensure you don’t underperform or blow-out. Here’s six tips on minimising the effects of business stress: Go [...]

Best places to get free WordPress website templates

A few years back, most templates for WordPress looked like traditional blog, with basic functionality and nothing more. However, web designers have been getting more creative when it comes to free WordPress website templates. That’s because user requirements and expectations for WordPress blog templates are now very high. People expect all templates and themes, free [...]

6 top tips for choosing a business name

You have a new idea, you want to start a new business, but how do you choose that success-riddled and award-winning business name? Here’s six tips to help you make your choice of name for your business: 1 Don’t limit your future Having a name that sounds cutting edge now may have immediate impact but [...]