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WordPress 3.2 upgrade: Impressive but not for older customers

WordPress 3.2 or ‘Gershwin’ as it has being titled, is here, with over 330,000 downloading  the upgrade in the first 24 hours (Have you upgraded your version?) but owners Automatic  who have been promoting it as ‘lighter and faster’ haven’t been as vocal about how it may affect a blogs user base. While 3.2 brings [...]

Top 123-reg support queries

Our support team deals with a whole variety of questions from customers. We’ve probably covered every conceivable query at some point, from changing where a domain name points and managing web hosting to getting going with a dedicated server. We track every customer query to make sure we’re providing a good service – and we [...]

Government goes open-source

Possibly as part of its cost reductions, but certainly part of a push towards usability, the British government has open sourced some of its own custom-built software. It will make it easier for developers to create applications that access its backend systems thanks to a released of  a CKAN module for the Drupal content management [...]

Students: what happens when graduate employers Google your name?

Any final year students out there? Have you started getting into that tricky job hunting phase yet, when the need to find some way of earning a bit of post-university cash starts jostling for attention alongside revision and making the most of your remaining university months? It’s not that long since some of us here [...]

Top six ways to use our student hosting offer

You might have seen that we’re running a great deal on hosting for students. You can get our Plus hosting package, a .info domain name and free access to lots of industry-standard Microsoft software for just £1 a month. There’s more information here. If you know a great deal when you see one but don’t [...]

Have you seen our great student hosting offer?

We’d love to be at university. With the combination of cheap beer, late nights, even later mornings and about four hours of lectures a week, we’d … oh hold on, what is this, some cliché-ridden exposé of the student lifestyle? Sorry, we’ll stop being patronising and get to the point. We’ve got a great hosting [...]

Does it matter where your website is hosted?

There’s a bewildering array of things to consider when trying to optimise your website for search engines like Google. One that gets overlooked – and yet is easy to influence – is the location of your web hosting. This can be important in determining how your site ranks in country-specific results (like when you click [...]

Identify search trends using Google Insights for search

As a website owner, the chances are that you’ve thought long and hard about how to drive traffic to your website from Google. You can do this through either Search Engine Optimisation or Pay per Click Advertising. Whichever you choose – and we recommend both – the first step on this journey is all about [...]